Whoever you are, whatever you do, Streamline Meditation can help you to improve your life. Over the past few decades, there have been hundreds of studies conducted throughout the world proving the many benefits of meditation. These studies have conclusively demonstrated that meditation produces a wide range of positive benefits for the mind and body. For more information, see benefits of mediation.

There is nothing like the present moment to set some of your own meditation aspirations for the next 12 months. Here are 4 meditation goals, or at least intentions, we think every meditator should aspire to:

Meditate Regularly

For the best results, always try and meditate for about 20 minutes, twice a day, every day. This will provide the maximum results to keep you inspired. Nothing will motivate you more than  great results.

Practising Streamline Meditation for just 15-20 minutes twice a day can produce a level of rest that is several times deeper than the deepest point of rest we achieve during 8 hours of sleep,

This profound state of relaxation has been shown to eliminate accumulated stress and tension within the individual. This promotes even better sleep, greater clarity of mind, improved memory, heightened creativity and improved personal relationships.

Create a meditation space at home

Creating a peaceful and inviting meditation space in your home is a great way to motivate yourself to meditate regularly. Although you can meditate anywhere, having a calming and dedicated meditation space in your home will help you to establish a routine and find that quiet inner state of mind more effectively. For more information, see how to create an ideal meditation space at home.

Maintain a positive state of mind

Meditation helps you to maintain a more positive state of mind and that has been proven to effectively combat negativity, stress, anxiety and depression. Meditation has also been shown to improve mental clarity and improve areas of the brain associated with learning, emotional intelligence and self-understanding. Therefore become motivated to experience these life changing results for your self.

Live more in the present moment

Perhaps the main goal of Streamline Meditation is to live more fully in a state of flow within the present moment. There is only one major factor that can make the present so attractive that it outshines all the past and all future projections and that major factor is – Happiness.

When we are unhappy we are always trying to avoid the present. It holds very little fascination for us and so we are always looking forward to the future.

Streamline Meditation allows us to discover that at the deepest core of our inner being we are already happy.  By tapping into this inner reservoir we experience a level of happiness and contentment that is unconditional. When we come out of meditation we find we are happier in our day and that automatically makes us much more focused in the now.

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