There are many different reasons why people learn meditation. Some people are interested in its beneficial effects on mental wellbeing (like reducing stress and anxiety levels), others are interested in improving their brains’ ability in academic and business performance and many others meditate for its health promoting properties. Streamline Meditation has also been shown to enhance the quality of our personal and work relationships.

1. The state of flow.

Scientific research continues to verify many amazing benefits that come with meditation, but the highest teaching of meditation is about the integration of all these benefits. Meditation is about experiencing a state of flow in daily life that transforms the mundane into peak experiences.

This highest level of living is the result of discovering our true inner self during meditation. The profound experience of who we really are at our most fundamental essence of being and expanding this knowing into our day.

2. Peak experiences.

We can all recall special moments in life where we have had peak experiences or peak performances. Times where we felt an extraordinary level of ecstasy and happiness or a sense that life is on track. No matter what the circumstances, in all cases, these fleeting moments instil in us that life is to be enjoyed and it should not be wasted.

These peak experiences demonstrate the remarkable capacity we all have to elevate our lives to higher levels. The full integration of Streamline Meditation benefits raises our ability to appreciate life more fully so we can live more on the peaks of human experience, performance and appreciation.

3. Improved health.

Good health and a higher sense of well-being are vital to our enjoyment of business and life. We need to maintain optimal health by keeping our mind and body fresh and rejuvenated and if we are unwell, we need to be able to stimulate our natural healing ability. Streamline meditation returns the system back to a natural state of balance. This is achieved by providing deep levels of relaxation and rest that allow the body’s energy to become consolidated, which has a reinvigorating effect on the mind and body. Scientific research has shown meditation has many health benefits.

4. Improved relationships.

In order to enjoy our personal or work relationships as much as possible, we need to reduce the level of stress and tension within ourselves.  This will naturally improve our relationships with others and allow us to express higher levels of understanding and harmony.

Meditation is proven to reduce our levels of stress and anxiety also to tap our inner reserves of energy. By meditating regularly we bring a richer quality to our relationships with less friction and more positivity.

Many meditators notice that not only do they enjoy their relationships more but others also appreciate and respond to them better. This is reflected in  our relationships with partners, family members and work colleagues. If we want to know others well and form lasting relationships, it is important we get to know ourselves on the deepest level first.

Streamline Meditation provides the experience of self-realisation on the deepest level of pure awareness creating a stable basis for more rewarding relationships.  If you are interested in incorporating meditation into your life, why not try the free introduction in the Mushin Mind app.

This post appeared originally on Troy Drake’s LinkedIn. Troy Drake is the meditation coach and business mentor at Streamline Meditation.