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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you provide individual or group meditation courses/classes?2022-08-06T02:50:24+11:00

After you have learnt the Streamline Meditation process through our 3 month intro course, you are welcome to continue to enjoy the benefits of regular Q&A’s, group meditations, master classes and much more with a monthly or yearly subscription. Our masterclasses and sessions are a great way to deepen your understanding and experiences. We also provide group and corporate classes, so if you’re interested in that contact us.

We know that Streamline Meditation has a profound effect on the individual but when we meditate together as a group, we enliven this unified field of consciousness to such a degree, that it also has a powerful effect on our environment and the forces that shape our world. To raise world consciousness we need to raise the consciousness within each individual. When we do that, we can change the world.

How can I learn Streamline Meditation?2022-08-31T01:21:12+11:00

You can learn Streamline Meditation no matter where you are in the world. Anyone is welcome to join our live, online classes through our Mushin Mind app. We recommend first identifying your goals using the survey in the free introduction and listening to the introduction video with Malcom and Troy. From there, we would love for you to expand your practice, as it truly gets better and better each time, so you can subscribe monthly or sign up for a year with added benefits. We offer programs to suit your lifestyle with options to take a deeper dive into our full introduction course or choose one of our on demand or all access plans.

Is Streamline Meditation a religious practice?2022-08-06T02:49:09+11:00

Streamline Meditation is not affiliated with religion or a set of beliefs. In fact you don’t even have to believe in it for it to work because it draws upon your own inner reserves. It is simply the most effective self-help tool to unfold your full mental potential.

How long should I meditate?2022-08-06T02:50:39+11:00

To produce the best results, we recommend practicing Streamline Meditation for 20 minutes morning and evening while sitting comfortably with the eyes closed This will provide the perfect balance between deep rest and activity so that the mind and body can dissolve deeply accumulated stresses and recharge the system. Eliminating deep Stress and tension during meditation increases our levels of creativity, happiness, energy and sense of well-being during the day.

How is Streamline Meditation different to other meditations?2022-08-31T01:22:08+11:00

Streamline Meditation is completely different to all the techniques of meditation that abound today because it is not a technique. The pure state of meditation is always naturally occurring and permanently accessible to us all. We really don’t need techniques such as “repeating mantras” or ‘focusing on breathing’ to quiet the mind. The mind has its own innate ability to quickly settle so that the highest state of meditation becomes self-evident right from the beginning.

This direct insight of Streamline Meditation dates back thousands of years and yet its simple purity works as well today as it has throughout time because it brings the awareness directly to the inner self. The inner self is the very source of our existence and is experienced directly during Streamline Meditation as a silent state of awareness.

Can anyone learn Streamline Meditation?2022-08-06T02:47:58+11:00

Many people think because they have such busy minds they couldn’t possibly learn how to meditate.

Streamline Meditation, however is completely effortless and so easy, anyone can practice it. It involves no Concentration, mind control nor does it involve forcing the mind to stop thinking. It is a naturally occurring process which is effortless and highly effective in relaxing the mind and body that works for everyone, no matter how busy you are.


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