With the pace of life increasing and studies showing that 75% of the work force in Australia admit that they are feeling stressed  is potentially causing long-term physical health problems. It is more important than ever to manage our stress and bring balance back to our system. Please see our stress effect chart for more information.

Malcolm Fletcher the founder of Streamline Meditation is a 45 plus year meditator and meditation coach. In this short video Malcolm explains how stress is released from the body’s nervous system through deep rest during Streamline Meditation.

Studies have shown the beneficial effects of meditation. The Streamline method is a highly efficient and effective way to bring balance back to your system and improve your daily performance.

Streamline Meditation conducts corporate meditation workshops and public meditation workshops, We also offer a coaching service to maximise your benefits.

For more information on Streamline Meditation or to book into our meditation courses, please contact us.

This post appeared originally on Troy Drake’s LinkedIn. Troy Drake is the meditation facilitator and business mentor at Streamline Meditation.