Our relationships with our clients, staff, work colleagues and suppliers all come together to create an outcome. The success of the outcome depends on the strength and effectiveness of our relationships.

Improved Relations at Work:

A study found significant improvements in relations with supervisors and co-workers after an average of 11 months practicing Transcendental Meditation, in comparison to control subjects. And while Transcendental Meditation practitioners reported that they felt less anxiety about promotion (shown by reduced climb orientation), their fellow employees saw them as moving ahead quickly. People at every level of the organization benefited from practicing the Transcendental Meditation program.

Reference: Transcendental Meditation and productivity, Academy of Management Journal 17 (2): 362­368, 1974.

The above study is straight from the Transcendental Meditation Website and shows how meditation improves relations in the workplace.

In essence, Transcendental Meditation (TM) is a form of meditation that is practiced through the repetition of a mantra. Malcolm Fletcher, the founder of Streamline Meditation, began his meditation journey with TM and spent many years as a reputable instructor. He has traveled the world researching meditation in depth and discovered meditation in its original and most powerful form, he has called it Streamline Meditation.

Difference between Streamline Meditation  and Transcendental Meditation

Streamline Meditation is a direct naturally occurring meditation, Streamline Meditation practitioners do not adhere to mantras, concentrated breaths or any other technique. Practitioners allow the state of meditation to come through naturally giving practitioners of Streamline Meditation the direct purity of the meditative state.

This post appeared originally on Troy Drake’s LinkedIn. Troy Drake is the meditation facilitator and business mentor at Streamline Meditation.