Streamline Meditation brings the essence of original meditation from the ancient battlefields to the boardroom for the modern day warrior to improve their performance.

Meditation may not be the first thing you think of when you think of a day at the office. But meditation reduces stress, heightens awareness, improves relationships and allows creative and innovative thinking to flow making it a terrific productivity booster. For these reasons, leading companies have begun to embrace corporate meditation into their workplace.

Streamline Meditation offers corporate meditation training and coaching for businesses all over Australia. When your employees participate in these programs, they will enjoy lower levels of stress and therefore be happier and feel more positive about work – even provide better customer service. Since stress causes a wide range of illnesses, including depression, corporate meditation can also reduce absenteeism. Furthermore, employees who practice meditation regularly will increase their alertness and mental acuity, and practising meditation together is a great team-building activity. All of these effects result in more productivity and a healthier bottom line for your business.

Corporate Meditation Programs

The corporate meditation classes are taught in 1.5-hour sessions, one per day for four days or in a one day meditation workshop with ongoing coaching as required – that’s all the time you’ll need to become self-sufficient at real, effective meditation. Streamline Meditation advisers understand the rigours of corporate life and have a passion for meditation that allows them to teach executives strength of mind and clarity of thought so they can stay on top of their game at all times – not just when they’re meditating. The effects of meditation are accumulative and long-term; this means that once you incorporate meditations into your daily life, you will enjoy increased resilience and be less affected by stress all the time.

The Streamline Meditation Program

Streamline’s corporate meditation courses show clients how to relieve stress from the nervous system and how to ensure the body and mind get enough deep rest every day. You’ll also learn how your mind is capable of settling by itself – it doesn’t always need something to focus on. In fact, keeping the mind focused on a particular object or thought is a way of keeping it engaged – not resting it. That’s what makes Streamline Meditation so effective. It is pure, original meditation and provides the body and mind with total rest, clarity, and awareness, bringing about a perfect state of balance.

Clients of Streamline report improved productivity as well as an overall increase in well-being, both at work and at home. Learning Streamline Meditation is easy and the practice itself can be enjoyed almost anywhere.

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This post appeared originally on Troy Drake’s LinkedIn. Troy Drake is the meditation facilitator and business mentor at Streamline Meditation.