People practice meditation to improve their lives and to foster a calmer and more peaceful relationship with themselves, others and the world around them. One emotion that meditation can be very helpful in moderating is anger. According to Better Health, the long-term effects of anger issues include increased anxiety, high blood pressure, headaches, low self-esteem and damaged relationships with others. If you suffer from anger management issues, meditation can help.

What defines anger management issues?

According to Reach Out and the APA, anger is a normal and common emotion that everybody expresses differently. Some people stomp around and slam doors. Some people yell. Some people cry. Some people become withdrawn. Some people become violent. When anger is overly aggressive, explosive or uncontrollable it can do the exact opposite of what healthy expression of anger is supposed to do (i.e. resolve conflict). Mismanaged anger can be disastrous for career, relationships and physical/emotional health.

If you feel that the way you express your anger has negative effects on your life or the lives of others, you likely have anger management issues. Although anger may feel uncontrollable at times, we promise you it’s not. Meditation can help you to take control of your emotions and express them in a managed and insightful manner (see just some of the research out there¬†here).

How can meditation help with anger management issues?

When we are angry, we are not fully in control or aware of our emotions or how we are expressing them. Streamline Meditation can help you to control your anger and to generally be more aware and at peace with yourself and those around you.

Meditation brings clarity

Meditation drastically releases stress and will assist you to express your emotions understand  in a healthy and controlled manner. Meditation will allow you to calm down and reduce the dysfunctional emotions that lead to your angry outbursts.

Meditation reduces stress and increases happiness

Anger is an intense emotion physically and well as mentally. Anger floods the body with stress hormones including cortisol, and this stimulates a fight or flight response and increases heart rate, blood pressure and perspiration. Meditation has been proven to actively lower cortisol, and therefore to diminish the physical response that anger has on your body. When this physical response is diminished, managing the emotional response to anger becomes much easier.

Meditation also releases feel-good hormones including serotonin, which is the key to relaying signals from one part of the brain to another and has a profound impact on mood, happiness and general well-being.

If you would like to read more about the benefits of meditation, see the research on our website.

Think you might have anger management issues? Streamline Meditation provides a number of online and in-person meditation classes that can help you to manage your emotions in a healthy way. For more information about how meditation can improve your life, contact Streamline Meditation today.